Thursday, 22 May 2014

1st Liposuction in Medan (Thighs)

Hi all!

This blog is to showcase my results after liposuction with Dr Arthur Tjandra in Medan. He's a famous surgeon who was trained in Singapore and USA and has since performed many liposuction cases using the traditional method (just a syringe), hence it is relatively safe compared to machine assisted methods. Many of his works can be found on his website: and videos of it are also posted on youtube, simply type his username Arthur Tjandra, and there you have it.

Excluding myself, there are a handful of blog posts dedicated to sharing their liposuction experiences with Dr Arthur, with most of them listing down pre/post-operative instructions, and showing pictures of the apartment in Medan etc, hence I shall not go into too much details for now. However, if you have any questions to ask me personally, feel free to email me at, and I will do my best to clear your doubts.=))

As for myself, I will be going for my 2nd liposuction on my abdomen in June this year. My first thighs liposuction was performed in Nov 2011 and it has been almost 3 years...all I can say is..IT IS THE BEST INVESTMENT I HAVE EVER MADE. Yes, my thighs slimmed down ever since and it did not increase in size at all. After lipo, I have alot of people asking me why I looked slimmer and they were like "Eh, why you suddenly lost so much weight?". My only answer was..Liposuction! On top of that, I did fats transfer to boobs too because I was literally flat. The fats in my boobs stayed too!

Let the pictures do the talking...

Before (I used to have really chunky thighs):

After surgery, extracted from Dr Arthur's page:

6 weeks later..

After 1.5 years..

Taken a few days back

I am very pleased with the results since I can wear skinny jeans without the fats bulging out sideways now and I have since stopped wearing long and oversized tops to hide my thighs. Wheeee~ 
Now, it's time for my tummy..I will update my blog after my abdomen liposuction. 

Stay tuned!


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