Monday 11 February 2019

2nd session

Helloooo everybody!

Sorry I have been away for sooooooo long.

Anyway, I will be going for my 3rd lipo and fats transfer to breast in Feb!

My thighs and tummy liposuction have been so worth it! This time I'm gonna lipo my buttocks to make it more defined and smaller, cant wait!

I will update more after my procedure.

For this post, I will be posting pictures from my previous liposuction so my fellow readers can relate better, and pls feel free to email me at for more questions =)

Main living hall

Cozy living room

Dressing table

Clean bathroom, additional $10

DVDs and TV to kill boredom

All rdy

With markings on my abdomen 

Immediately post-op

 Did fats transfer to breast

Instant small tummy

Post op 4th day

Post op 1 month

Wednesday 5 November 2014

Almost 6 months..

WOOHOO..few more days to reach post op 6 months mark. Everything's going so well, the results are as fantastic as ever, I know I can always trust Dr Arthur when it comes to body sculpting.

Btw, my video is posted in youtube under Dr Arthur's account. Video 120. Go watch it and you will be able to see how much I have transformed under Dr Arthur's expertise.


I will be posting pictures of immediate post surgery soon after Im done filtering those pics.. :)

Friday 13 June 2014

Steps to getting Liposuction

Hi guys,

Im back from my abdominal liposuction.  My memory is refreshed after going for the 2nd time, so let me walk you through the whole process.

Firstly, you will have to email to request for a blood test form at Quest Laboratories in Paragon to ensure that your body is suitable for liposuction since it's a surgery afterall.

Secondly, once your blood test result is out and is normal, Jennifer will email you to inform you that you can book your flight.

Thirdly, once you booked your flight, email the itinerary to Jennifer to reserve the surgery slot date.


1. Purchase the necessary garments/binder from either designveronique or makemeheal. I purchased my thighs compression garment for my first surgery from designveronique which covers all the way till the knee. For my abdominal binder, I got mine at guardian (guardian brand) for only $30 plus.

2. Buy arnica and consume it 5 days before surgery. This time, I bought yunan baiyao for $8 per packet and consumed it 3 days before surgery and 1 day after.

3. Bathe with dettol body wash for a few days prior to surgery. I brought dettol with me to medan and bathed with it on the day of surgery itself.

4. There is NO need to fast before the surgery because local anesthesia is used, not general anesthesia.

5. Email Jennifer if you want the driver to pick you up from the airport, for this service, you will have to transfer SGD $22 to Dr Arthur's bank account.Otherwise you can take public transport.

6. Change to rupiah currency. I changed about $150 SGD and its just nice. Set aside 200,000 rupiah for airport tax (no longer 75,000). Meals or other expenses incurred at Dr Arthur's premises can be paid in SGD. Rupiah currency is used for shopping purposes.

Post-operative stage

Finish the necessary medications and apply the creams which will be dispensed when you "check out" of Dr Arthur's apartment. These are chargeable. Try to wear the binder for as long as you can. For myself, I will be wearing for a period of 6-8 weeks 24/7.

I am still slightly bruised from my abdominal liposuction so I will be updating with pictures in 1-2 weeks' time. Stay tuned!

Thursday 22 May 2014

1st Liposuction in Medan (Thighs)

Hi all!

This blog is to showcase my results after liposuction with Dr Arthur Tjandra in Medan. He's a famous surgeon who was trained in Singapore and USA and has since performed many liposuction cases using the traditional method (just a syringe), hence it is relatively safe compared to machine assisted methods. Many of his works can be found on his website: and videos of it are also posted on youtube, simply type his username Arthur Tjandra, and there you have it.

Excluding myself, there are a handful of blog posts dedicated to sharing their liposuction experiences with Dr Arthur, with most of them listing down pre/post-operative instructions, and showing pictures of the apartment in Medan etc, hence I shall not go into too much details for now. However, if you have any questions to ask me personally, feel free to email me at, and I will do my best to clear your doubts.=))

As for myself, I will be going for my 2nd liposuction on my abdomen in June this year. My first thighs liposuction was performed in Nov 2011 and it has been almost 3 years...all I can say is..IT IS THE BEST INVESTMENT I HAVE EVER MADE. Yes, my thighs slimmed down ever since and it did not increase in size at all. After lipo, I have alot of people asking me why I looked slimmer and they were like "Eh, why you suddenly lost so much weight?". My only answer was..Liposuction! On top of that, I did fats transfer to boobs too because I was literally flat. The fats in my boobs stayed too!

Let the pictures do the talking...

Before (I used to have really chunky thighs):

After surgery, extracted from Dr Arthur's page:

6 weeks later..

After 1.5 years..

Taken a few days back

I am very pleased with the results since I can wear skinny jeans without the fats bulging out sideways now and I have since stopped wearing long and oversized tops to hide my thighs. Wheeee~ 
Now, it's time for my tummy..I will update my blog after my abdomen liposuction. 

Stay tuned!